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More Protein, More Muscle, Better Health?

Protein has been getting a lot of attention lately. In fact, nothing short of a “high-protein craze” is taking place according to press reports, and food manufacturers of breakfast cereals to ice cream are cashing in on sudden concerns about protein deficiencies in people’s diets. The truth is that the so-called “Western Diet” provides enough protein, and more likely too much.

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Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays? Yes, It Can Be Done

Around the holidays you probably attend numerous luncheons, dinner parties, and other social gatherings that restaurants will cater. If you travel, you likely make less-than-stellar meal or snack choices. While dining out can be a pleasurable experience and a welcome deviation from home cooking, you want to be prepared whenever you find yourself in any of these situations.

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How Grocers Are Contributing to Childhood Obesity, and How They Can Change That

Childhood obesity remains a serious health threat, and it is not surprising that parents and schools take much of the blame for their kids’ poor diets. But while there is no one cause for weight problems affecting children, food outlets may not be getting enough attention when it comes to food choices families make. In fact, grocery stores could play a much larger role in the fight against childhood obesity in their communities.

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Ingredients for Healthier Holiday Treats

Certain holiday recipes – those family traditions we look forward to all year – may not always be what you’d call healthful or overly nutritious, but they sure can be good for the soul. There are also some holiday treats we can tweak a bit here and there, and no one will notice the difference. Here are some trade-outs that can shave substantial amounts of calories, potentially adding up to thousands of calories saved throughout the holiday season.

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What Drives Your Eating Habits?

If asked why they eat, most people would respond because they are hungry. But that seemingly obvious reason is the exception rather than the rule, according to a recent study on the psychology of food intake and portion control. The fact is that our eating decisions are motivated by numerous factors, and only a small fraction of those is based on actual hunger.

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Beating Stress with Diet and Exercise

“Stress eating” – it is blamed for wolfed down pizzas, disappearing pints of ice cream, and altogether wrecked diets. But what does stress eating really mean? Just thinking or admitting that we stress eat at times doesn’t solve the problem. It is just a blanket statement and vague acknowledgement that doesn’t get to the root of the issue. To overcome stress eating, it is essential to understand why we do it, and what we can do to change the pattern.

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