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Why It’s Important to Keep Up Your Exercise Routine in Bad Weather

There are countless obstacles to outdoor exercising in the winter months. It’s also a time for easy excuses. But what a shame to see that hard work you’ve put in all year go to waste because it’s less pleasant outside. Admittedly, walking or running in foul weather is not everyone’s cup of tea. The temptation to remain sedentary is extra persuasive then, but the effects become evident all too soon, especially when you add in the extra food intake that seems unavoidable during the holidays.

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How to Eat Healthily When You’re Pressed for Time

How do you make smart eating choices on a tight schedule? As a busy doctor, I can understand how maintaining a balanced diet can sometimes feel like yet another chore and can take a backseat among the numerous other demands in your life. While eating healthily on a time crunch does require a little planning, it’s easier than you probably imagine. You’ll also find that making the extra effort pays off by keeping you healthy and trim.

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Heart-Healthy Fats

When Exercise Leads to Weight Gain

In order to shed pounds, you have to diet and exercise – that’s common knowledge. But what if your fitness regimen makes you even heavier? It may be counterintuitive, but unwanted weight gain despite of strenuous physical activity is not uncommon, especially among people with an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

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What Determines Longevity Remains a Mystery

More people than ever live past 100 years of age. So-called “supercentenarians” are rising in numbers all over the world. What are the causes of such extreme longevity and what is different about these ancient folks that lets them outlast normal mortals by decades? A new study tried to find answers by investigating the genetic traits of a small group of participants between the ages of 110 and 116.

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Dietary Steps to Reduce the Risk of Inflammation

We often think of inflammation as the pain, swelling and stiffness associated with post-workout soreness or conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. But the causes of inflammation are not always as obvious. Chronic inflammation at the cellular level can be linked to a host of serious health problems.

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