A Restaurant Guide for Healthy Eating

A Restaurant Guide for Healthy Eating

When people try to eat health-consciously or are worried about their weight, it can be challenging to make the right choices when eating out in a restaurant. Although many eateries try their best to accommodate the dietary needs of their patrons, it can still be hard to stick to your guns once you’re handed the menu.

Some restaurants offer detailed information about their ingrediences and cooking techniques, others don’t. The restaurant lingo may match the chef’s exciting creations, but it can also be confusing or outright unintelligible. More often than not you are left guessing what to order, what to omit and what to enjoy only in small portions or on the side. The wait staff may or may not be able to assist you with your questions and concerns. And, of course, you also don’t want to spoil your fun.

Making the Right Choices
When Eating Out in a Restaurant

The good news is that a little preparation goes a long way. Having a plan, something I call a “dining out strategy,” can give you the confidence that things won’t get out of hand. There are catch words and phrases commonly used in many restaurant menus. Learn to decipher them and you understand what you are getting yourself into. The menus I discuss in this section represent what you would typically find in the most popular restaurant types. Although, I don’t make any recommendations from a dietary point of view, I have included a restaurant food rating system to help you make more educated choices.


Chinese FoodChinese restaurants are extremely popular for their relatively inexpensive but tasty meals. The various dishes and cooking styles are usually named after their places of origin in China (e.g. “Szechwan”). Common ingredients are soybeans, vegetables, rice, and noodles. Read More »


French FoodThe French cuisine is counted among the great classics of culinary achievements. Elaborate meals can be quite seductive with their exquisite hors d’oeuvres and successions of multiple courses. A must for the gourmet in you, but indulge with caution! Read More »


Greek FoodMediterranean food comes from an entire region, not just one country. Contributors are Southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Africa. Whole grains, fish, vegetables, olive oil and fruits are at the base of this healthful diet. Portion sizes can be quite generous! Read More »


Indian RestaurantIndia has a great variety of culinary traditions and they vary greatly between regions. But everywhere you go, you can expect a sheer endless array of exotic smells and tastes. Some dishes, especially in the south, can be spicy to fiery hot. Read More »


Italian FoodItalian food is popular around the world. Its major components are pasta, vegetables, dairy products, olive oil and seafood. Many Italian favorites are easy to prepare, but they are always a great treat. Having good wine and good company are as essential as the food. Read More »


Japanese RestaurantSushi bars have undergone an enormous surge in popularity, not only in Japan but everywhere else as well. Traditional Japanese sushi dishes are largely based on raw fish. If that is not your style, there are countless vegetable and rice combos. Read More »


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