Donald Bucklin, MD

Donald is board certified in occupational medicine with over 25 years in private practice. He is the Arizona media director and national medical review officer at the U.S. Health Works programHealth Habits Top 10 List
Every time we turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, we’re told to do this or don’t do that and, if we follow the guidance, it will decrease our risk of some horrible disease. I would like to suggest some order to the risk hierarchy. A logical starting place would be: If you plan to live a long time and are actually doing something to facilitate it, start here.
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How to Cope With the Back-to-School Routine
Here it is September again. It’s time for the start of another school year, which is a stressful time in my house and I’m guessing yours as well. It isn’t exactly a secret when school starts. We’ve been hitting the back-to-school sales for weeks, so it’s not like we weren’t thinking about it. One would think with all this advanced warning and preparation, we would have this down to an art. However, as my third and eighth grade kids will tell you, we don’t.
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