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What You Should Know About Seafood
Less than half of all Americans eat fish on a regular basis. This is unfortunate because fish has significant health benefits. Regrettably, wild fish is also exposed to numerous pollutants. Hazardous chemicals, such as methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), may pose health risks which increase with frequency and quantity of fish consumption.
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Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind and Soul
A healthy lifestyle is an ongoing commitment that needs to be periodically renewed. I consider myself a health-conscious person. After all, that is my profession and I try to live by what I preach. But when I take stock every so often, I realize that inevitably some dust has settled in and I’ve been paying less attention to my eating habits and fitness regimen than I should have. The good thing is that every setback offers the chance to start over. So I begin a new season and, like my mother, I start out with a good cleaning.
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Your Health – A Larger Picture
People have great expectations when they decide to make positive lifestyle changes. They are motivated and ready to do whatever it takes. Naturally, they must understand the importance of sound nutrition, the need to exercise and the dangers of alcohol-, nicotine- and drug abuse. That is what gets discussed on the surface. But often, this doesn’t address the real issues. It’s only the tip of the iceberg.
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In Pursuit of Happiness
In our culture, success is largely measured in economic terms. The rapid accumulation of ever greater wealth is a goal (or dream) of many. A number of recently conducted surveys, however, have shown that only a minority of those interviewed named “making lots of money” to be the most important goal in their lives. “Good health” ranked very high, followed by the importance of having good friends, a happy family life as well as work that is fulfilling. Surprisingly, many said that they would even be willing to accept a reduction in income in return for more free time.
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Expect Miracles This Year
For health counselors business is good this time of the year, but it’s nothing to be giddy about. Especially for those who are dealing with ongoing weight problems, it can be a hard time. People seek help and guidance like remorseful sinners, willing to confess their misdeeds and ready to receive their penance. They blame themselves for being too weak and unable to muster the necessary will power and stamina – as if it were so simple.
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New Year’s Resolutions Revisited
Dietitians are not fond of January. Yes, we get a lot of business this time of the year, but it’s not a pretty picture. For so many of our clients “the most wonderful time of the year” is followed by a period of misery and regret. Again, the holiday celebrations have left their mark – mostly around the waistline – and it can be hard to muster enough resolve to take up the battle of the bulge once more. Frankly, we spend a great deal of time and effort to talk people out of giving up for good.
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A Season to Slow Down
The Holiday Season is supposedly a time when we stop the rat race and focus on family, friends and all the good things that really matter in life. Of course, most of us end up doing the exact same thing as last year and the year before, making sure we get all stressed out over a thousand things we put on our to-do lists. So we get caught up in the holiday rush again, no matter how much we wish it was different this time. There are better ways to deal with this annual stress event – there must be!
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Enjoying the Gifts of Winter
I love the winter stillness. Everything seems to come to a halt in winter, inviting us to become still as well. From early childhood on, I used to enjoy this most wondrous season of the year like nothing else. Life, as we know it, doesn’t afford us much time to spend on simple wonders. And it shows. We are, for the most part, unused to quietness and silence.
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Eating With All Our Senses
Most of us have lost touch with the food we eat, the region it comes from, the soil it grows in, the people who harvest it and bring it to our table. We don’t have the time or energy to be concerned with all that. Like everything else, our food has to be instantly available and conveniently served. Of course, the fact that we have almost unlimited food supplies in this country is an achievement of great importance and goes to the credit of the respective industries. But for us, the consumers, this also comes with a sense of loss and disconnect.
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Getting Re-Acquainted With Nature
I spent my vacation on a guest ranch trying to re-live the “Old West” – for a few days anyway. To be completely truthful, it wasn’t a traditional “working ranch” experience. There was no rounding up of cattle or horses, no wild stampedes or other challenges that make city slickers imagine they could survive in the wild. Rather, it was a luxury resort and spa where you wear Western attire at fine wine tastings and gourmet dinners. Frankly, that suited me just fine. I’m not much of a cow-girl. Some things you just don’t learn late in life. So with all the amenities offered, I had a really good time.
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