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Katherine is a Registered Dietitian, writer and contributor to television programs, including The TODAY Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, The Early Show on CBS, Good Morning America Health and others. She covers health topics in SELF magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times and New York Daily News.

Is Your Food Giving You Headaches?
More than ten out of a hundred people suffer from migraines, debilitating headaches that can cause blinding, throbbing pain, lasting from a few hours to several days. If you’ve ever had one, you know they are nothing like ordinary headaches. Unfortunately, I am myself one of these migraine sufferers.
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Drink Your Morning Joe
When I was growing up, drinking coffee was considered a not-so-good habit. Not terribly bad like smoking, but certainly not healthy. Over time (and with additional research) that view has changed. It turns out that your morning brew may do a lot more for you than just taste good and give you a boost. In fact, a daily cup or two may offer some real health benefits.
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Five Most Recommended Mediterranean Foods
When it comes to the Mediterranean diet, there is only good news to report. Not only are Mediterranean foods tasty, they also rank among the healthiest. And you don’t need to be a world traveler to enjoy the benefits of this way of eating. Healthy recipes with the delightful flavors from the region can easily be copied almost anywhere.
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Boost Your Metabolism
You can’t walk by a magazine stand without seeing at least a dozen covers on how to boost your metabolism. And if you google the word “metabolism,” you’ll find over 85 million hits. Is all this just hype or can you really do something to help your body burn calories faster?
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Five Best Mood-Boosting Foods
Can you eat yourself happy? I don’t mean the feeling that comes from having a chocolate cake or your favorite cheeseburger and fries. I’m talking about nutritious foods that can help keep your blues at bay, boost your mood, and return your zest for life.
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Get Back on Track to Shed Pounds for Summer
Let’s face it. Even the most determined dieter can fall off the proverbial wagon. In fact, many people who are seeking to lose weight report having tried multiple times and failed before finding the right diet approach or fitness program for the long term. So if you’ve found that instead of shedding more pounds your weight has been steadily creeping up again, here are a few tips to help you get back on track toward your weight goal.
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Top Produce Picks to “Spring Clean” Your Diet
I am a big proponent of buying in-season produce. So if you’re wondering what’s in season right now, I have put together a guide to the best nature has to offer this spring. Need some extra inspiration to make a trip to your local farmer’s market? Here are some tips to help you pick the freshest produce and a few of my top springtime recipes.
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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Health This Year
Would you like to know an easy way to boost your health this year? I promise, it doesn’t involve giving up your favorite foods or sweating to the oldies. If you can stand, you can do it. It’s that simple. The secret? Sit less! The fact is that sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your health, even if you exercise every day.
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Five Most Popular Nutrition Myths
The Internet is like the Wild West when it comes to nutrition information: Anything goes. In fact, the web is rife with false nutrition claims, and it fuels myths that add to consumers’ confusion about what is really healthy and what is not. At best, you can hope there’s a kernel of truth in what you’re reading, but oftentimes, it’s just plain nonsense.
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Five Ways to Shed Pounds This Fall
Fall is officially here. If summer wasn’t exactly your slimdown season, now is the perfect time to push the reset button, get back on track and lose some weight. Here are five tips for shedding pounds starting today.
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Seven Ways to Eat Smarter this Summer
With summer just around the corner, you may find yourself struggling to eat right in the face of all the temptations of BBQs, picnics and other summer feasts. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few simple tips for how to be healthier this summer.
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Organize Your Kitchen to Lose Weight
If you are serious about slimming down, you’ll want to have an organized kitchen. Why is eating at home so important for weight loss? By making your kitchen environment organized and welcoming, you’ll be more inclined to eat in. Storing nutritious foods in ways that encourage you to eat them, for instance on a counter or low shelf, as opposed to buried in the back of the fridge, will help you reach for healthy choices first.
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Got the Winter Blues? Try These Mood-Boosting Foods
Cold winter days and a poor diet can leave you feeling tired, cranky and a little down. For example, studies have shown a connection between omega-3 fatty acids and a lower risk of depressive disorders. Omega-3 fatty acids are believed to influence mood. Researchers have found that patients with a variety of mental health disorders, from bipolar depression to anxiety, may benefit from omega-3 fatty acid supplementation.
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Six Ways to Shrink Portions Without Feeling Hungry
Over the last several decades, portions in the U.S. have become larger and larger. It’s no coincidence that waistlines have also grown. In the 1960s, 45 percent of Americans were overweight or obese. Today that number is nearing 70 percent! So when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, what you eat matters, but so does the quantity of what you eat.
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Five Foods That Sound Healthy but Aren’t
Do you make your foods choices with health in mind? Buyer beware! Cafes, deli counters and grocery shelves are filled with foods that sound healthy, but really aren’t. Here’s a list of five foods that may be real diet disasters if you’re not shopping carefully.
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Seven Secrets of Skinny – Lose Weight Without Dieting
Did you know there are some things you can do right now to help you lose weight without depriving yourself? As a Registered Dietitian and sleep aficionado, I have been fascinated by recent research on the relationship between sleep and weight. Scientists have long suspected that skimping on sleep can add extra inches to your waistline. Proof is adding up in the research that has been conducted in the last decade.
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Is Your Antidepressant Causing Weight Gain?
A friend of mine who recently started taking an antidepressant medication said the other day, “Well, I may gain 50 pounds with this drug, but at least I’m feeling better.” Her sentiment is one expressed by many new and longtime users of medications for depression. And for good reason: As many as 25 percent of people who take certain antidepressants report weight gain.
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Get Heart Smart – It Could Save Your Life!
It’s a frightening statistic. Heart disease is the number one killer of American women and men today. In case that doesn’t scare you, here are a few more stats: Heart disease causes approximately 25 percent of all deaths in the U.S. Every year about 785,000 Americans have a first heart attack. Another 470,000 who have already had one or more heart attacks have another. Heart disease treatments alone cost $108.9 billion in 2010. I hope this gets your attention.
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Find Your Eating Intuition
One of the things I am very thankful for is that I have a great on/off switch button when it comes to eating. In the U.S., we get very much caught up in carbs, fat, protein, and every facet of what we’re eating. I am certainly not immune to this – especially as a dietitian. After all, what we use as food is important. But putting aside the question of what to eat for a moment, one of the most helpful methods I have found to maintain a healthy weight is knowing when (and when not) to eat.
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Three Ways to Stay Sane in an Insane Weight World
Kim Kardashian’s curves, Kendra Wilkinson’s abs, Giselle Bundshen’s post-baby bod – these are some of the latest “top stories” on the magazine covers of my local newsstand. With a growing model/celebrity-driven media – think TMZPeopleUS WeeklyPage Six– not to mention the 24/7 buzz of the Internet – we face a daily onslaught of celebrity ‘body’ news.
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The Sexy Six: Get Gorgeous, Naturally!
Let’s face it: We all want beautiful hair and a bright smile. Everywhere you turn, there’s another lotion, potion or cream promising a youthful glow. But real beauty comes from what you feed your body, not what you put on it. So, we’ve come up with our “Sexy Six Beauty Foods,” the must-have foods to give your body a beauty boost.
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