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Advertisement Materials Submission and Support
Please send all advertisement materials and correspondence to:

Please include the following in the subject line of all your e-mail correspondence:
• Client name
• Brand or product name
• Name of SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS sales contact
• Nature of request (“initial placement,” “renewal” or “replacement of existing ad”)
• Media type (i.e. “photo ad”)

Lead times and deployment
SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS requires five (5) to ten (10) business days from Receipt of Advertising Materials, provided that all other specifications are met. Advertising Materials will only be deployed upon signed contracts. Advertising Materials will only be deployed to the level of targeting details stated in the signed contracts. SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS reserves the right to limit the number of Advertising Materials that can be submitted by each Advertiser or Advertising Agency acting on behalf of a particular sponsor or campaign.

Approved formats
SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS accepts static images in JPEG or GIF format only. All image files are to be hosted exclusively by SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS. Links are allowed One (1) URL destination per file. Links to multiple URL destinations are subject to approval by SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS.

Not accepted are video files, flash files (i.e. slideshows, animations, loops), pop-up menus or expanding ad units.

A 1×1 pixel border is required around all Advertising units to distinguish Advertising from editorial content.

SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS does not accept Advertising that is directly competitive and/or disparaging to any of its publications and products. SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS maintains ultimate editorial control over all content and materials that appear in its publications and products and reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any Advertisement or Campaign for any reason at any time in its sole discretion.

All Advertising promoting specific public policies, advocacy issues or social/political campaigns must include a clearly visible “Paid for by…” label that identifies the underwriting sponsor(s).

Available sizes per Advertising unit are:
• Home page/left column: No advertising space is available in this area
• Home page/center Column: Maximal 288 pixels wide x 288 pixels high
• Home Page/right column: Maximal 288 pixels wide x 288 pixels high
• Content pages/left column: Maximal 510 pixels wide x 339 pixels high
• Content pages/right column: No advertising space is available in this area

Maximal initial load per ad size
The permissible maximal initial load size for all ad units is 40k or less.

All clicks used to open linked outside pages must do so in a new browser window. Only One (1) browser window may be opened per click.

Third party tags must serve working ads to all major browsers and operating systems. Third party serving speed and performance must be consistent and reliable.

Communications and Transactions
All communications and transactions beyond the actual Advertising, financial and otherwise, between Advertisers and customers/users must take place outside SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS and its publications or products.

Space limitations
Available space for Advertising is limited in size and restricted to certain areas and remains in the sole discretion of SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS at all times. SOLSTICE PUBLICATIONS will not guarantee space assignments or give preferences in terms of space assignment unless specifically determined by written agreement.