Promoting Bone Health Can’t Start Too Soon, Scientists Say

Insufficient Calcium and Vitamin D intake during childhood and adolescence increases the risk of osteoporosis later in life, according to a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Unfortunately, many youngsters don’t get enough of these important nutrients in their diet, and sedentary lifestyles and indoor activities like watching television or playing video games don’t help.

Kids Gain More Weight When Out of School, Study Finds

The summer months should be a time when children are especially active, play sports, enjoy the outdoors, and perhaps even eat better because there are more occasions for family dinners. In other words, it should be a time when they are their healthiest. Not so, a new study from Harvard University found. In fact, it is during school vacations that many kids put on extra pounds.

The American Diet Is Shortening Our Children’s Lives

The poor dietary habits of today’s children are contributing to their obesity, chronic illness, and ill health. They are also laying a foundation for poor academic performance, chronic disease later in life, violent behavior, and premature death. But children are not making these choices on their own; children’s dietary habits are ingrained by their parents.

Dying to Be Thin

Do you feel fat? Well, guess what? Fat is not a feeling. For some people, though, even the thought of feeling full, bloated, or heavier than they should be conjures up a wide range of emotions. The words, “I feel fat,” especially when spoken by those with eating disorders, are saying something else.

Kindergarten and Karma

Dieting is an infamously lonely endeavor. People may eat with their families, but they diet alone. As a society we sanction a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry for adults. We line up, sign up, go on and fall off – all the while leaving our kids out of it. Every time we neglect a family-based approach to health and weight control, we increase the likelihood that our children will grow up to need those weight loss services even more desperately than we do.