Weight Is Not a Choice

Weight is powerfully influenced, but not directly determined, by our behavioral choices. Some people, making all the right choices, will be heavier than others making the same or even worse choices. And people making good lifestyle choices, including routine exercise, are apt to be fit even if they remain somewhat fat, and will be far better off than those who are either fat or thin, but unfit.

Build a Better Salad

If a salad is your choice for lunch or dinner, you are probably trying to do something good for your body and make a conscious effort to eat on the lighter side. But even the most seemingly health-promoting salad can be crazy-high in calories, packing in the equivalent of more than five hamburgers.

Resolution Reboot

It’s Memorial Day and summer is just around the corner. So it’s time to store away sweaters and boots and fill your closet space with tank tops and flip-flops. But not everyone is ready for bikini season just yet, especially not if the New Year’s weight-loss resolution fizzled out too soon. If your good intentions are nothing more than a distant memory, here are five no-fail steps for a “resolution reboot” to maximize your get-fit motivation.

Easy Weight Loss Tips for Summer

As a nutritionist, I’m often asked for advice by people who are concerned about how they will look come summer. Will they fit into more revealing clothing or bathing suits, or will they be able to navigate holiday parties and barbecues, and so forth? I am not a fan of rigid diets that restrict entire food groups for a short period of time. Instead, I rather advocate healthy eating at all times and developing simple strategies for weight loss for the long haul.

Can People Be Fat and Fit at the Same Time?

A recent study has generated widespread media attention because it challenges the notion that it is possible to be fat and fit at the same time. As ever, there is some potential devilry in the details. In the real world, fit and not-so-fat tend to go together, for the most obvious of reasons. But true fitness also means good metabolic health, and that is highly dependent on diet.

The Hidden Calories of Alcohol

Nutrition Facts labels provide us with information about many nutrition-related questions: How many calories has that slice of yummy cheesecake? Or, how much sugar is really in that chocolate chip cookie? But if you’re relying on a nutrition label to help you decide if that frozen daiquiri is worth the extra calories, or how many grams of carbs are in that glass of wine or Margarita – well, you’re on your own.