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Faith, Facts, Lives, and Livers

One of the many myths about health issues today stands out for its sheer audacity, and that is the myth that the obesity epidemic itself is a myth. The argument is propagated in particular by University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, whose book, entitled “The Obesity Myth,” garnered considerable attention when first published and has a following to this day. I’ve never considered it my vocation, but I do find that, as a defender of epidemiological fact, I am obligated to confront a lot of nonsense, folklore, and myth. Epidemic obesity, alas, is no myth, and here is why.

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Grilling Without Regrets

For many barbecue fans, grilling can resemble an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here’s how you can ensure your barbecue event leaves a lasting impression on your palate but not on your waist size.

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Don’t Just Sit and Watch, Go Out and Play

Whether you are a diehard fan of football – or, as Americans call it, “soccer” – or not so much, it is impossible to escape the World Cup fever that has gripped the globe again this summer. With the competition in full swing, millions spend hours sitting in front of TVs and computer screens, while their teams engage in grueling matches. For the players it may be one of the most physically challenging sport events of any kind, but for the rest of us, it is basically party time for a month.

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Food Industry Works Hard to Improve Its Tarnished Image

Some leading food and beverage companies have announced new measures to improve their industry’s reputation and win back the trust of consumers. For example, advertising of unhealthy junk food to minors is scheduled to be phased out within this decade, and less confusing food labeling is also in the works, according to Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), an international network organization for hundreds of retailers and manufacturers that just held its annual summit in Paris, France.

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Convenience Is No Longer a Priority in Consumers’ Food Choices

People used to spend as little time as possible on their grocery shopping. Most supermarkets could satisfy whatever nutritional needs a typical family had. But that get-it-all-done-in-one-stop experience may no longer be as important as it once was. Although their daily lives remain as busy as ever, if not more so, today’s consumers increasingly diversify their food sources.

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Don’t Ask Your Doctor About “Low T”

A funny thing has happened in the United States over the last few decades. Men’s average testosterone levels have been dropping by at least one percent a year. Testosterone appears to decline naturally with aging, but internal belly fat depresses the hormone further, especially in obese men. Drugs like steroids and opiates also lower testosterone, and it’s suspected that chemicals like bisphenol A, or BPA, commonly found in plastic food containers, and diseases like Type 2 diabetes play a role as well.

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