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Easy Tricks to Avoid Portion Distortion

The portion sizes of foods we commonly consume are too big. Look around and just about everything is available in jumbo sizes. Soft drinks, French fries, coffees, steaks, burgers, bagels, muffins, you name it, all have grown in size over time. Indeed, many food portions are now two to five times larger than they were 50 years ago. And the more food is placed in front of us, the more we eat.

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Promoting Bone Health Can’t Start Too Soon, Scientists Say

Insufficient Calcium and Vitamin D intake during childhood and adolescence increases the risk of osteoporosis later in life, according to a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Unfortunately, many youngsters don’t get enough of these important nutrients in their diet, and sedentary lifestyles and indoor activities like watching television or playing video games don’t help.

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Salt in the Wound

Once upon a time, we were relatively secure in our knowledge that we ate too much salt. That didn’t mean we were inclined or likely to fix the problem any time soon, but at least we thought we knew what was broken. Unfortunately, that level of conviction about anything having to do with nutrition just won’t do in today’s culture.

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Foods You Should Eat or Avoid Before Exercise

What should I eat before I exercise? That’s one of the questions athletes of all ages and abilities most commonly ask in sports nutrition workshops. While most people expect a simple response such as “Eat a banana,” or “Have a slice of toast,” the answer is actually more complex and depends on many factors.

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Controlling Blood Glucose for Brain Health

Poor diet choices, and being overweight and inactive often lead to blood glucose problems. And research suggests that elevated blood glucose levels in people with or without diabetes may be linked with cognitive problems.

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