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Processing Messages About Processed Food

The American Society of Nutrition (ASN) recently issued a controversial position paper on processed foods. It examined the food sources of key nutrients in the prevailing American diet. The authors noted that a significant percentage of many important nutrients, including fiber, folate, calcium, and potassium, were obtained from processed foods. The basic take-away message, if there was one, was that processed foods are not all bad.

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Exercise Can Make You See the World in a Different Light

Being physically active has countless health benefits. It helps prevent weight problems and reduces the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But according to a recent study from Canada, regular exercise can also improve how people perceive the world around them. Especially those suffering from anxiety or depression can profit from workouts or even just short brisk walks, researchers found.

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Creative People Age Better, Study Finds

Do creative and artistically inclined people have advantages over the rest of us mere mortals who can barely draw a stick figure or whistle a simple tune? There are indications that individuals who are able to use their talents also tend to fare better in other ways, including their physical and mental health, compared to others whose existence mainly consists of repetitiveness and routine. Still, scientists have never been able to prove that creativity is indeed a contributing factor to humans’ wellbeing.

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The Diet Common Denominator

What is the healthiest way to eat? That depends on whom you ask. At times, it may seem like everyone claims to know the one perfect diet for weight loss or health. But chances are these dietary advocates disagree with each other at least in some ways. So, who’s right and who’s wrong? The truth is there is no one single way to eat for good health, no one perfect diet to follow.

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How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Eight 8-oz. cups of water has been the standard hydration rule for decades now, but the reality is that hydration requirements can vary widely depending on body weight, activity level, and the rest of your diet. A more accurate way to determine how much in fluids your body requires is to divide your weight (in pounds) by two – and that’s approximately how many ounces you should drink daily.

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From Niche to Mainstream – Natural and Organic Trends That Strike It Big

African super foods, bee-free vegan “honey,” and drinkable grains are just some of the trends that merged from the natural and organic section to mainstream in grocery stores and food services. Some of these are just beginning to evolve now, while others have already made their mark. Here’s a list, along with some of the new products representing each trend.

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