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Top Produce Picks to “Spring Clean” Your Diet

I am a big proponent of buying in-season produce. So if you’re wondering what’s in season right now, I have put together a guide to the best nature has to offer this spring. Need some extra inspiration to make a trip to your local farmer’s market? Here are some tips to help you pick the freshest produce and a few of my top springtime recipes.

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Are You Falling Short of Iodine?

In 1924 iodized salt was made available in America per request by the government. Thyroid-related health issues resulting from iodine deficiency seemed to become a thing of the past. But, more recently iodine concerns have cropped up again. A report, using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and the National Children’s Study, found that urinary concentrations of iodine in 2009 to 2010 were significantly lower than in 2007 to 2008.

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Community Supported Fisheries, a Growing Movement

The phrase “Farm to Fork” has become a familiar concept among the dietetic community. It mainly refers to information about the origins of our food supply and its travel routes to our tables. Its growing popularity helps local farmers, sustains small communities, and improves the health of patrons by reducing dependency on mass-manufactured foods. As seafood gains in notoriety for its nutritional benefits, could a new phrase, “Boat to Fork,” be the next craze?

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Is the Public Not Confused Enough Yet?

It was the kind of report news outlets pounce on because it apparently offers one of those ‘gotcha’ moments their audience seems to crave so much. So you’ve probably already heard about the latest study on dietary fats and their limited impact on heart health. An international team of scientists concluded that cutting back on saturated fat (mostly meat products), or adding polyunsaturated fatty acids (mostly plant foods), as recommended by many health experts, was not as beneficial as widely believed.

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Great Plans for Retirement, but How Much Will Materialize?

More so than any other generation before them, today’s retirees have great expectations about what they will be able to accomplish after officially leaving the work force. There are many good reasons for that. People live longer, have a wider variety of skills and interests, are more mobile, and can take advantage of technologies not available only a short time ago. But in actuality less than one in five seniors manage to remain in the work force. Many retire even sooner than they had anticipated – in most cases not by choice.

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Drowning in Calories

Obesity is much like drowning. Our food supply is willfully manipulated to maximize our food consumption and, of course, the money we are willing to spend along the way. But how much sense does it make to acknowledge the calamitous effects of childhood obesity, yet continue to peddle multi-colored marshmallows to 6-year-olds as “part of a complete breakfast”? That’s analogous to holding people accountable for their own swimming, yet actively encouraging them to try out riptides. It is, in a word, hypocritical. With regards to weight and health, America runs on constant hypocrisy.

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