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For Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Changes, Check Your Self-Talk

When it comes to making positive changes, many people are their own worst critic. A variety of harmful self-talk habits can get in the way of creating a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve had trouble starting or maintaining a better diet or lifestyle regimen in the past, perhaps the way you talk to yourself should get some of your attention.

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Can Meditation Make You Smarter?

People who meditate regularly over long periods of time in their lives suffer smaller age-related decreases in brain volume than those who don’t, according to a new study on the long-term effects of practices like transcendental meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other relaxation techniques.

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What Parents Need to Know About Teenage Weight Gain

For some teenagers, putting on some extra weight can be a normal part of their development. For others, weight gain is a sign that eating habits and physical activity are getting off track. As a parent, there’s a fine line to walk when your teen starts to show signs of gaining too many pounds. What should you do? Should you do anything at all?

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Late Night Snacking, a Notorious Culprit in Weight Gain

A recent study published in the medical journal Obesity revealed that late night snacking may lead to weight gain. The study’s findings have been covered extensively in the news media, with most of the coverage focusing on the reports that night owls tend to eat fast food, drink sodas, and eat less fruits and veggies compared to those who go to bed earlier.

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Going Gluten-Free by Choice Is Not Always a Good Idea

There are plenty of people who must avoid gluten for health reasons. But there are also many who only follow a gluten-free diet because that’s the message they are given in the media, from daytime TV shows to celebrity endorsements. Experts warn that it would be a mistake to adhere to a gluten-free or wheat-free diet simply for better health or weight loss.

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Permanently Banish Belly Fat

When a person begins to put on weight, especially lethal belly fat, his or her biology shifts out of balance, veering into the unstable and unhealthy territory of disease, which in turn adds more fat. A vicious, sometimes deadly, cycle ensues unless countermeasures are taken.

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